Birla Institute Of Technology And Science : ASIA (Alphabetical)

Master Of Management Studies
Faculty Division-I, Bits
Pilani, Rajasthan 333031

Application Fee (Resident): $25

Application Fee (Non Resident): N/A

7,171 People Applied To The Full-Time Mba Program In 2002. The School Accepted 1% (Selectivity) Of Those Applicants, And 100% Of Admitted Applicants (Yield) Enrolled In The Program.

The B-School Placed N/A Applicant(S) On Its Wait List, From Which N/A Ultimately Enrolled In The Program. N/A Of Applicants Had Applied In Prior Years, And Of Those Reapplicants N/A Were Accepted.

Applicant Profile:
Female Applicants 38%
International Applicants (1) N/A
Underrepresented Minority (2) Applicants N/A
Applicants With One Year Or Less Work Experience N/A

Interviews For Mba Applicants Are:
In 2002, The B-School Interviewed N/A Of Its Full-Time Mba Applicants, And N/A Of Its Admitted Applicants.

(1) Applicants From Countries Other Than The School’s Home Country.

(2) Defined As U.S. Citizens Who Are African American, Hispanic American, And Native American.

Investment And Deadlines For Class Of 2005
Estimated Total (Not Annual) Cost Of Full-Time Mba Program (U.S. Dollars)

Resident $4,800
Nonresident N/A

Expected Monthly Rent $62
Recommended Annual Budget (1) $1,700

Application Deadline(S) June 30, 2003
Nov. 30, 2003

Rolling Admissions? Yes

Financial Aid Deadline(S): Aug. 16, 2003
Jan. 21, 2003

First-Year Mbas:

Average Financial Aid Package N/A
Range (Middle 80%) $160 - $320
Average First-Year Scholarship Awards (Not Including Loans) $267

Second-Year Mbas:

Average Financial Aid Package N/A
Range (Middle 80%) $160 - $320
Average Second-Year Scholarship Awards (Not Including Loans) $227

Full-Time Mbas Receiving Financial Aid Through B-School 49%

Graduate Assistantships Offered To Qualifying Mbas? Yes

Scholarships Are Merit Or Need Based?

5 Full-Tuition Scholarships Were Awarded By The School To Full-Time Mbas In The Past 12 Months

Guaranteed Loan? (2) Yes

Maximum Amount Students Can Borrow: $1,000

Average Outstanding Loans For 2002 Graduates: $500

Financial Aid Web-Site:

(1) Student Budget Includes Tuition Fees And Living Expenses.

(2) Upon Admission, Any Accepted Applicant, Regardless Of Nationality, And Without The Need Of A Cosigner, Is Eligible For A Loan.

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